Media4God Ministries

Magnifying The Message Thru Media


  • Steve Cooper - Twistcast Storm Team
    Media4God Ministries has been helpful when it comes to our online needs. Richard has taken the time to listen to our needs from the beginning. Richard has been professional in setting up email for out team. Richard and his team have helped us enhance our social media sites so that people know about severe weather and also braking news that might affect them.
  • Rich Piper - SciClass
    The team at Media4God Ministries has listened to my needs as a science teacher in Missouri. They have helped me with my online science classroom. Richard and his team are fun to work with. They take the time to explain things in a was that sometimes the bigger guys don't or in ways that not over my head, or in ways that are not "tech talk!"
  • Rich Piper - First Christian Church of Cainsville
    As the pastor of First Christian Church of Cainsville I wanted folks to be able to learn more about the church. Richard and his team have put together a simple website for us. Richard has also set up email for us thru our domain name so that all or communication is professional. We highly recommend Media4God Ministries for any church, ministry or business who is looking to start a website or for anyone who currently has a website that could use a face lift.
  • Joy Gregg - Mother Goose Consignment
    As a small business owner I saw the need for folks to be able to find my shop. Google and others on the internet had me listed incorrectly. Richard and his team created a facebook for my consignment shop so that folks could find me and so that I could post about sales going on in my shop. Richard and his team have also created a website for my shop as a way to offset the fact that I am listed incorrectly on Google and other sites. Richard and his team listen to my needs. The Media4God team has even gone out of its way to help me with my cash register when it goes down or when ever I have an issue with it.


Let us put our 17 years working in Media Ministry to use in helping your church, ministry organization or business. We are now offering our services to business... at little to no cost as we are a non-profit organization. 

We have an advantage over others because we have worked in Christian Media and know what it takes to help your church, ministry or organization with it's Media Needs. No job, church or ministry budget is to small for Media4God Ministries. If you have a job or service you would like to see if Media4God Ministries could help your church or ministry with email Richard at
  • Sound System Training & Support
    Does your church or ministry or business have need to have someone train folks on how to run your sound system? Our team can help with onsite sound system training and support.
  • Email Hosting
    Wanting your church, ministry, or business to look more professional on the on the internet? Want your emails to be from @domain. but don't know how to go about getting it all set up? Let the Media4God Ministries team help you!
  • Social Media Management
    So people are telling you your church, ministry or business needs to be on social media yet you know nothing about social media. Our team can help you and train you on how to use social media.
  • Web Design
    You realize your church, ministry or business needs a website or needs someone to manage your current one. Our team has helped many churches, ministries and business and we stand ready to help you meet your web design needs.
  • Media Ministry Team Training
    So your church or ministry is looking to start a Media Ministry team. Maybe your have a team currently and want some pointers. Our team can help train your volunteers.
  • Sermon Audio
    Does your church or ministry record audio of it's events and your looking for a way to for folks to listen to the audio form the internet. Our team can help setup a podcast or even help to embed the audio into your website.

Meet Our Team

  • Richard N. Piper IV
    Executive Director

    I started out in Christian Ministry as a Media Minister. I was helping with websites, new letters, PowerPoint, running sound systems and video taping worship services.

  • Melissa A. Piper
    Vice President
    I married Richard in 2007 and then became the Vice President of Media4God Ministries. I oversee some of the administrative parts of Media4God Ministries.
  • Richard N. Piper III
    I serve on the board of directors of Media4God Ministries as a pastoral advisor. 
  • Kevin R. Gregg
    I serve on the board of Media4God Ministries as a biblical advisor.