My Testimony – How I Got Started in Christian Ministry

I started out in Christian Ministry as a Media Minister. I was helping with websites, new letters, PowerPoint, running sound systems and video taping worship services. As I progressed as a Media Minister I later helped a mass copy on my personal computer CD’s of a local Christian singer.

Over the years I have realized ministry work is not easy. The reason I can say this has to do with the fact that ministry takes resources. Sometimes we have to think outside the box when doing ministry. Such was the case when faced with how to use projection at Grandview United Methodist Church in Grandview Missouri. The church has stain glass windows this a traditional projector just was not going to get the job done when it came to projection of song words. Considering the fact there was also stain glass to the back of the platform area even trying to work with a projector and attachments that would be needed to project from the center of the platform was out of the question. So just how could one who felt a calling on his life be able to do what he felt God calling him to do?

At Grandview I had to think outside the box. I soon realized I was up for a challenge, but not one that God could help me with. For I was reminded that all things are possible with God. So I set out to learn other was in which projection could be done. That’s when I it hit me, why can’t we use a scan converter and run the RCA cable into a RF modulator box to two (2) 64” big screen televisions? Sure seemed easy to me. Oh but what little did I know that the challenge was just becoming bigger!

So you might be asking what did I do to solve the even bigger challenge. The funny part is I was not the one who came up with the answer of how to use the two (2) 64” big screen televisions. No, you see two gentlemen who were members of the church came up with an idea to remodle the platform and make stands for the two (2) 64” big screen televisions. For they along with myself understood that we could not leave them on the floor of the platform. So work was done to begin the remodel process.

What happened after the 64” big screen televisions were installed and we started using them God knew I would be blown away and still am to this day. For none of us could have seen it coming. What happened you asked? For the first time a person in the congregation who was blind was able to sing the songs as the words were projected large enough he could see them. This encouraged me and still does to day as I do ministry.

Yes there have been times that I have not been doing Christian Ministry like I was when I started out. Yes, there was a time that I even left Christan Ministry. During that time I was out doing worldly things. It was also during this time in which because I was not going to church I got got lonely, sad, and chased after things God never intended for me to chase after. This caused me to meet a women and move to town later to marry her.

I am glad to say that I had family and friend who were praying for me during my marriage to my first wife. Both of us were to separate people. I was raised United Methodist and she was from the Mormon faith. At times I would go with her to the Mormon services and when I went was put into a “beginners” class to help me learn about the Mormon Church. I can say that when I would read things in the Mormon Bible and then read them in the Bible in which someone made it with them when I move to her town; which I think was the CEV – I would get confused and not understand how the Mormon Bible could say one thing and the CEV Bible say another. I later learned this was do to the fact that the Mormon Bible was flawed by man and mainly based on Joseph Smith’s interruption, interruption that was not based on the Holy Ghost like the true Christan Bible is.

I am so glad that even thought I was messed up and didn’t know when it came to my faith what to think, that when my father asked me and my first wife to come back to Perryville Missouri I did so. For the church there was praying for me. My wife at the time and I begain to have problems as she wanted to go back to her family and I wanted to say and help my father with things in Perryville. The day came when my father had a talk with my wife at the time. I realized that we had nothing in common and that’s when I realized and looked back the the things I did as a Media Minister and realized God still had a calling on my life.

My first wife and I got divorced and my mother drove her back to her family. To this day I don’t talk to my first wife. However, yes I do pray for her. The reason being is I pray that is finds faith in God like I have found.

God also helped me to realize I had a calling on my life when I left the Savannah United Methodist Church and decide to move in with a Ham Radio family I knew. God showed me thru a fire that our lives can become charred but that he is still there watching over us. The reason being is that I had a Bible that I took with me to this families house that the only place the fire touched it was on the outside of the pages. Today I don’t have this Bible as I gave it to the family I was staying with.

No, the events I share with you are not in order as to how they happened in my life when it comes to the calling that God placed on my life. Which to me it’s not important the events because what comes more important is the calling that God still has on my life as for me to do Christian Ministry. If you asked me how after all the events God allowed me to face and how I was able to be an over-comer if I thought outcome to be what it is today, I would have told you NO. But God had bigger plans for me.

For you see God knew that I knew the calling he placed on my life to be in Christian Ministry for him. In 2006 God knew he had a woman who would later become my wife and still is today. God knew we would go together and that we would also grow in our faith for him! In 2007 I married Melissa Ann and I am pleased to say God had blessed us.

God knew but I didn’t that I would join World Prayr and answer prayer request on Twitter and later move into leadership. God blesses me each time I read things that come into World Prayr on Twitter and God had used me to encourage the World Prayr team. I am excited to see what God has in store for me as I serve inside World Prayr. No, I am not doing Chrisitan Ministry like I did when I started out but sometimes it comes to my understanding that God moves us into the ministries and settings he wants us to be in and sometimes God has to move us out of our comfort zone to do so. Such was the case when God brought me to World Prayr, Oh but what a blessing it is to be able to reach out to a broken world. Currently my work with Media4God Ministries is somewhat limited because of having to provide for my wife and myself by working at a "paying" job.