What Is The Role Of A Media Minister?

Media MinistryMedia Ministers produce video clips, movies, promotional spots, animations, still pictures, PowerPoint presentations, and develop websites, email prayer chains, electronic newsletters, and even digital church directories. They consult on the media needs of ministries and make recommendations concerning purchases and use of equipment and human resources. They offer training for ministry volunteers as well as education events for the community. They repair and replace computer equipment and software for ministries as well as rehab old computers for adoption by low-income families.

To give you an idea of what a Media Minister could do, let me share with you some examples of what has been done from my personal experience and observation:

  • Imagine a small country church that is struggling with offering an electronic brochure via a website and maybe wants to project the words to songs for worship. A Media Minister would help them make the connections, develop the website, and advise on the need and use of equipment.
  • Now imagine walking into a church and as you enter the lobby you see a TV screen that provides directions and announcements. Imagine you go and sit in the auditorium and watch, as at first announcements and then certain life events such as birthdays and anniversaries are displayed in both still and video form using both text and photos. Then later you see song words, text for prayers, and an outline for the message. In addition you also see a short video of a mission trip to Mexico and then of a Christmas greeting from a 94 year old shut-in to her church family. You notice that the images used reflect the mood of a song or the message of a prayer. There is a short “person on the street” video in which people were asked a simple question and its enlightening to hear their answers. Upon leaving you receive a free CD that contains Christian music that you can play in your car as well as interactive information about the church that you can retrieve when you get home. The development, production, and presentation of such things are what a Media Minister does.
  • Imagine attending a wedding and that during the time that the couple light the unity candle a video is played that shows scenes of their individual lives up to this dramatic point. Or image a memorial service in which a loved one is honored by remembering visually, times of his or her life. The creation of such dramatic works is the work of a Media Minister