How Do You Look At Christmas?

Submitted by Richard N. Piper IV on Sat, 12/25/1999 - 01:22

For Christians Christmas is about celebrating Jesus Christ, at least last time I checked that was my understanding. So my question is “Do we make Christmas what Christmas should be?”

Sure we put up the Christmas Tree, but do we stop and truly understand why we do so? For some I feel we do it because we feel Christmas would not be Christmas with out a Christmas Tree. This might see logical to may of us, but may I remind you Jesus Christ died on a cross, which was made out of wood that came from a tree. So folks the next time you see a Christmas Tree let it remind you of the tree that was used to make the cross.

You see folks when we truly remember Christmas is celebrating Jesus Christ then we I feel can see also why the wise men gave gifts to Jesus Christ. Thus in our gift giving at Christmas we all should want to give the gift of our hearts to Jesus Christ!

So will you look at Christmas how that world does or will you look at Christmas and see a different meaning of Christmas?