Speaking Louder Then Before

Submitted by Richard N. Piper IV on Wed, 02/08/2012 - 17:13
Speaking Louder Than Before

Folks why is it that may of us Christians want to sit back and be so silent? Why is that we do this and let the world we live in slip away? Over the years I have come to understand much to my sadness some ministries and Churches are letting the youth of today slip through the cracks so to speak. See it is our job as ministries and Churches to train up the youth of today, for they folks will be the pastor's and ministry leaders in the future.

It is time we ministry and Church leaders take a stand and time the we start "Speaking Louder Then Before" so that we can train up the youth of today to become the pastor's and ministry leaders God has called them to be. Ones who understand God's word, ones who want to live a holy life. Ones who are on fire for God.

Folks as much as some of you do not want to come to understand like I have that the youth of today are the hope to a broken and dying world they are. They with our help are the ones that can I feel if given Biblical knowledge will be able to reach, teach, and train up other youth to serve for God. So we must not let them fall thru the cracks. We must help them to understand they are loved, we must reach out to them with compassion, and mercy. Sure, we might not like the style of music they listen to or other things about them. However, my friend if the kind of music truly is seeks the face of God, then who am I to tell God how to reach his people so they can turn around and serve him?

My heart is heavy when it comes to the youth of this nation. The reason is because of being in Christian Ministry I see the kinds of things the youth have to face. But not only at times do I see it first hand or read about it due to some of the ministries I am involved in. I get to here about it from friends who work in "inter city" ministries and I am sure could tell you much more then you would ever care to know about gangs, homeless youth, and other "issues" that youth face. So because of this I myself will now be "Speaking Louder Then Before" so that others may realize we all must do our part.

So will you be "Speeking Louder Then Before?"


 I have no problem with the youth becoming a more active part of the church. I encourage it. What saddens me is that in an effort to reach the young, we dismiss the older congregants. I have one family that is so hurt by this they just don't know what to do. The pastor has done away with Sunday School altogether in favor of small groups. The music and strobe lights pounding and flashing in the sanctuary is very disheartening to them. We are supposed to reverance God in church, not deafen Him. Without the wisdom of the older generation and the mentoring of the youth by the aged ones, church will die. Our entire history is based on the leadership and wisdom of the elders. It hurts my heart to see the elderly being swept out of the church. Yes, the church needs to find a way to attract the youth, but please don't forget who is responsible for the existence of the church.