Christmas A Joyful Time?

Submitted by Richard N. Piper IV on Wed, 12/25/2002 - 15:59

Christmas is often times thought of as a joyful time. However because of my background as pastor’s son I have to say that many times Christmas is not a joyful time.

For you see for folks who have lost a loved on or a friend Christmas may not be a joyful time. It may be a time where persons suffer depression because they no longer get to spend Christians with the loved one or friend. It may be also be a time where the person suffers post-traumatic stress related to the event or events leading up to no longer being able to spend Christmas with a loved one or a friend.

Christmas many not be joyful for one who has to spend it in jail. Knowing that loves ones or friends are getting to open gifts while he/she is sitting in a cold dark place wondering if anyone is going to come and visit.

You see my friend just because you find Christmas to be joyful you should remember and pray for the ones who don’t find it so joyful. You should find a way to reach out and show the love of Jesus to ones this Christmas who might not find Christmas to be joyful!