Living In A Tech & Social Networking World Does Not Give Us A Reason To Skip Out On God!

Submitted by Richard N. Piper IV on Wed, 01/09/2019 - 11:27
Tech World

Sure folks we can get on the internet and go over to sites such as Bible Gateway or others that post the Bible on the internet. Yes we can read daily devotions that are sent to our inbox. However I often wonder if even though we have access to the daily devotions and access to such sites as Bible Gateway if we still are truly doing what God called us to do or our we skipping out on God? You see as a Media Minister I will tell you that living in a teach & social networking world does have it’s advantages but if we are spending more time on the computer then we are reading the Bible or in prayer then we with out knowing so can be skipping out on God. Over the last few months God has been dealing with me and trying to get me to come to the understanding that my personal life and ministry life have the been where they needed to be. In fact because of the tech world and social networking world that we live in I was skipping out on God had what God has for me because I would rather spend time on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other Social Networking sites which caused me to want to skip out on God by not reading the Bible and praying. It even got to the point that I was getting burned out to the point that I was at time missing Church. So how do we balance our lives in a Tech and Social Networking world? For me I have come to the understanding that before I get on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or other Social Networking sites that I need to make sure and spend time in the Bible and in prayer. I also have come to the understanding that before I go to edit any of the many websites that I manage that I need to make sure that I have spent time in the Bible and in prayer. Most importantly I need to remember to yield to what the sprit is trying to say to me and must always remember that even though I might want something to be typed or said a certain way in a blog or website that maybe God wants something else. Lastly I have realized over the last few months that yes I am the “Media Minister” but number one boss is God, my second boss is the “clients” work with; thus I need to make sure that in what ever I am working on as a Media Minister that it’s not about what I want but what God and the clients want.


You know when cell phones and texting first started I was all over it like white on rice
--I could do text messaging really good etc. Then after a year, I got tired of it and moved back to real conversations...why? Oh, I'm so glad you asked lol!
People need face time --one on one conversations, in person interactions why?
glad you asked again! LOL!
If we don't get face to face and engage one another, we lose out on quality
talks and exchanges of communication. Case in point, talk to the average text messaging teen, try to engage him/her in meaningful conversation and see how far you get.
Their cellphones are going off every few minutes and they are text messaging like crazy or playing some is really interesting to watch them navigate the whole deal--texting and trying to carry on a meaningful face to face conversation. 
It's not only teens losing out, some adults are just as bad when it comes to text messaging. Too many relationships are superficial, nobody seems to have time to
put into developing long-lasting meaningful friendships, that's why many people have hundreds of associates who they call "friends". They do Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc...and I hear
people referring to online folks they have never met as "friends" and best buddies. 

I love technology, really I do...I can text with the best of them, I could Twitter too!
I choose not to. 

A long time ago...
I found out when people get in serious trouble or have a real need, they call on me...
they want face time and the intimacy that exist between real friends. Text messaging and twittering is fine but personal one on one shows real compassion and caring. 

God wants real face time, He wants us to go deep with Him... He can handle us at our worst ...the evidence is right there in the Bible.