Media Ministry on a Shoe String

The equipment to begin projection of PowerPoint slides and video to enhance worship may very well be within your financial abilities.

Minimal requirements to start a Media Ministry:

• Passion for the Mission of Christ (priceless)

• Pentium II or III computer, 500+ processor speed, minimum 128 RAM, single video card, 20 gig hard drive, PowerPoint software ($700 to $1200)

• SVGA Data (LCD) projector or large screen TV ($2000 to $2500) • Portable projection screen (size depends on length & width of sanctuary but 6x8 screen would accommodate most settings ($400)

• VCR/DVD player with s-video out for both VCR & DVD ($300)

• Cabling, video boaster, table, etc. ($300 to $1000) • CCLI song & video licenses ($200 and up) • Probable price range: $4K to $6K (on lower end if you purchase used or refurbished equipment – lower yet if you can get donated equipment)

An Advanced System:

• Passion for the Mission of Christ (priceless)

• Pentium III or IV computer with 1.6 gig processor speed, minimum of 512 RAM, dual 64 meg video cards one with DVI and TV out, minimum 80 gig hard drive, PowerPoint 2002, CD-RW, and dual monitors ($1700 and up)

• XGA Data (LCD) Projector with sufficient lumens for the brightest time of the day in your facility because you will end up using the projection system for more than just Sunday morning worship ($4K to 6K each)

• Motorized, retractable projection screen or screens ($1500 each)

• DVD player ($300)

• VCR with s-video output ($200)

• Video Scaler for switching from computer to VCR/DVD ($2K)

• Necessary cabling, signal boasters, media workstation/desk, etc.

• CCLI song & video licenses ($200 and up)

• Probable price range: $15K to $25K (depending on whether dual projectors are needed in your setting)