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Submitted by Richard N. Piper IV on Tue, 09/24/2019 - 01:01

Jesus used word pictures, parables, and stories to communicate to the people. He spoke in ways that related to their culture and to their everyday life. It could be said that he shared a timeless message using timely methods.

The Church followed His example and has often been innovative and relevant in the way that it used media to convey the Gospel. In fact, some of the most revered fixtures in many of our churches were actually first used as a means (media) to convey the Gospel message. Few think of them that way today, but one of most powerful uses of media by the church was the adoption of stained glass to visualize the timeless message of biblical truths. We think of it as art – but it really is media sharing a timeless message using timely methods.

Today, we live in a “sight and sound” culture. Our dominant forms of communication are visual: television, movies, and the Internet. Even music is highly dependant on the visual due to music videos. And this is not just “today’s generation” it has been that way for several generations – the Church has just been slow to adopt new methods to share an old message.

Using media in ministry helps us communicate a changeless message in ways that relate to the people and the cultures of our day. It does not replace the message; it is simply there to enhance its delivery. But it can give testimony to how important we view the message to be.

"Where the Church is, there must be vision. Where there is no vision, the people perish."