Suggestions & Lessons Learned

  • Keep the ministry purpose first and foremost – media is to enhance ministry – it is a servant of ministry not it’s master.
  • Start slowly but grow steadily.  Don’t include every possible bell and whistle just because you can – it will overwhelm people, rather slowly introduce new elements.  You will find that people in the congregation will offer you suggestions for enhancing the presentation as they unconsciously relate and compare the worship visuals with the quality of their secular visual experiences.
  • Give people a chance to experience the fruits of media ministry.  Media ministry is about experiencing the Gospel message in a visual manner – and likewise the media ministry itself must be experienced for people to recognize its value.  You have to find ways to “show them.”
  • Borrow equipment to give folks a chance to see it in action.  Or invite folks in for a worship event or group that utilizes media.  Or take a group to visit a church that is using media creatively so they can see it firsthand.
  • Media is useful in enhancing both “traditional” and “contemporary” worship formats. 
  • Introduce the use of media using “heart felt” opportunities.  Relate to the felt needs and values of the congregation and they will be touched by the encounter and thus experience media’s value.  Using media is a great way to honor loved ones who have passed away, celebrate the elder saints within a congregation, or to visually express values and emotions such as faith or patriotism.
  • Don’t discount the possibility of utilizing built-in large screen TV’s instead of a projection system.  Some church architecture is very amenable to the use of 65 inch or larger TV’s.
  • Buy the best quality, highest resolution & brightest lumens projector that you can possibly afford – you will find that you will eventually need it for things you have not even begun to consider doing. Try before you buy.
  • With computers invest in the RAM, video card memory, processor speed, and hard drive size.  Get bigger and faster and more memory than you think you need – because you will grow into more advanced use requiring more from the equipment.  If you are in a permanent location, go desktop – you will get more computer for your buck.  And avoid systems with integrated boards – it limits your ability to upgrade.